Cover images courtesy the TOC Pinterest page.

Time Out Chicago magazine is ceasing its print publication, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. It will go all digital from now on.

According to Crains, owner Joe Mansueto sold the brand back to the group that owns the Time Out name in other cities. We here at Chicago want to tip our hats to the people over at TOC. Here are just a few of the covers we've loved over the years:

The Sex Issue. Especially this cover.

Stop the Killing. The February package was full of great recommendations for curbing Chicago's violence.

This cover from 2006. We're proud to live in a town that interrogates even our cultural scene.

The 100 Best Things We Ate and Drank. One of the more enjoyable list to work through every year.

We may not see the covers on stands anymore, but we're looking forward to what the TOC crew will do digitally.