1. And Now For the Further Adventures of Rahm the Impaler

Neil Steinberg finds a Chicagoan who actually scares the mayor: Sister Rosemary, an 83-year-old nun. Esquire follows the mayor through a city in transition.

2. A Safe Place for Transgenders

Mary Schmich profiles the TransLife Center, the Midwest’s first haven for transgender women. The Tribune has more on the facility.

3. Illegal Voting Case Puts Family’s Future in Limbo

A legal Filipino immigrant, seven months pregnant, could be deported for voting. The Chicago Reporter explains.

4. The Saga of Edgewater Medical Center

The birthplace of Hillary Clinton has been sitting vacant for 12 years. Who’s in charge, and what will happen to it? Gapers Block looks at its future.

5. Crowded Chicago Police Office Forces Sex Offenders to Violate Parole

Sex offenders have to register with the CPD, but the office doesn’t have the capacity (or the space) for them. WBEZ investigates the “Kafkaesque” situation.

6. David Spielfogel—Mayor Emanuel’s Go-To Guy—Is ‘Mini-Rahm’

The mayor’s go-to guy and “intellectual match” is just 36 years old. The Sun-Times introduces Rahm’s alter ego.

7. Are Chicago’s Elite Private Schools as Diverse as They Claim to Be?

Data on the socioeconomic diversity of schools like Latin and Francis Parker are hard to come by. The Reader tries to find the numbers.

8. What Chicago’s Digital Manufacturing Hub Could Achieve

By creating a shared space for innovation, the city hopes to grow a cluster of talent. Chicago magazine looks at the plan.

9. Chapo Capture Remakes Chicago Drug Market, His Home Port

After the leader of the Sinaloa cartel was arrested, what’s next for the city’s narcotics trade? Bloomberg News offers some predictions.

10. Groupon’s Destiny Is Global Greatness

Now that its CEO has stabilized the roller-coaster company, he’s thinking big again. Crain’s talks with Eric Lefkofsky.