1. Who Is Jose Abreu?

The White Sox star had one of the best rookie seasons in history, but his personal story went untold until now. Chicago profiles the young slugger.

2. “Why Would He Want to Die?”: A Grandmother’s Lament

A 23-year-old south-sider was killed after two previous attempts on his life at the same intersection. How did he get there? The Tribune tells the story of Glenn Houston.

3. Chicago Mayor’s Race Is Cast as a Test of Liberalism

“Unless they get the crazy lefty money machine going nationally, it’s not going to matter that there’s a resurgent left,” an Emanuel adviser says. The New York Times breaks down the final stretch.

4. Congress Barely Knew Aaron Schock. And It’s Already Moving On.

The young rep’s rise was as fast as his fall—but in between, he didn’t leave much of a mark. The Washington Post autopsies his brief career.

5. Jake Arietta’s One-Grip Multi-Slider

The Cubs’ reclamation project was one of 2014’s best pitchers, after learning to do almost anything he wants with his best pitch. Fangraphs analyzes his surprising renaissance.

6. Who Would Have Guessed that Lincoln Park Was Seeing Population Loss?

Some of Chicago’s “hottest” neighborhoods actually saw residents leave in the first decade of the 21st century. Crain’s tracks them.

7. Chicago Police Are Spying on Citizens

Why is the CPD opening “First Amendment-related investigations”? They won’t say. The Reader investigates.

8. Under Emanuel, More Unsolved Murders, Fewer Detectives

The city’s homicide-clearance rate is near a two-decade low point, and compares poorly to other big cities. WBEZ watches the detectives.

9. The Legacy of Redlining in Rust Belt Cities

Federal policy directed lending away from minority neighborhoods. That geography is still visible today. Belt maps the past and present.

10. Garcia Says He Won’t Have Budget Details Before Election Day

The mayoral challenger explains why—and also why he’s not worried about the poll numbers. Chicago sits down with Chuy.