1. How Chicago’s Grassroots Movements Defeated Rahm Emanuel at the Polls

It took four years of coalition work to build the movement that forced Rahm Emanuel into a runoff election. In These Times lays out the strategy.

2. Was Brandon Marshall the Best Bears Receiver Ever? Meet Harlon Hill

The recently traded player racked up some impressive numbers, but he rivals the best Bears receiver you’ve never heard of. Chicago counts up the numbers.

3. The American Woman Who Stands Between Putin and Ukraine

Natalie Jaresko grew up in Wood Dale and graduated from DePaul. Now she’s Ukraine’s minister of finance, and as important as the country’s top generals. Bloomberg Businessweek introduces you to the woman trying to save the country.

4. Dollars and Sense: The Human Cost of the Cubs’ Kris Bryant Decision

Would the Cubs keep “superprospect” Kris Bryant in the minors to prevent him from going free agent before they want? Grantland explains the situation and what service time means.

5. The Guardian’s Homan Square story was huge on the internet—but not in Chicago media

More than a week after the blockbuster story about CPD’s alleged “black site” was published, reporting on Homan Square remains scant in the city’s media outlets. Columbia Journalism Review calls out local reporters.

6. The Rise and Fall of Aaron Schock

The Republican golden boy from Illinois has come under severe scrutiny recently for his questionable spending practices. Politico traces his career.

7. Derrick Rose Memorial Springs Up Near Where Some Saw Virgin Mary Image

A new mural depicting injured Bulls player Derrick Rose wearing a crown of thorns made waves on the internet this week. DNAInfo visits the memorial on Fullerton and interviews the artists behind it.

8. Rahm Emanuel Takes a Page From Adrian Fenty’s Playbook

Last week, Emanuel released a video apologizing for his well-known brash style—a move D.C. mayoral candidate Adrian Fenty tried to pull off in his race in 2010. Washingtonian compares the two candidates.

9. Binge Watching Theater Is Becoming a Thing

Both the Hypocrites and the House Theater are investing in daylong plays. Do audiences have the attention span for them? Chicago looks at the emerging trend.

10. High school student’s faux Harvard rejection letter goes viral

A student at Francis W. Parker school in Chicago applied to Harvard—and wrote herself a satirical rejection letter. The Boston Globe reports on the prank.