1. Rest in Power, Minnie Minoso

The late White Sox legend “threw himself at the beast of American racism, gave as good as he got, and left the beast that much weaker for the next generation.” Vice Sports remembers him.

2. Meet Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, the 26-Year-Old Who Stormed Onto City Council

How’d someone so young knock off the 35th Ward incumbent? With a ton of experience for his age, for starters. DNAInfo profiles the community organizer.

3. Steve Dahl Won’t Shut Up

Six years ago, his ratings were low and he was done with radio, so he built a podcast network. Now he’s back on the airwaves. Chicago checks in with the veteran DJ.

4. Chicagoans Detail Abusive Confinement Inside Police ‘Black Site’

Four men talk about their time at the CPD’s newly notorious Homan Square location. The Guardian tells their stories.

5. Lawyers Wary of Claim About Chicago Police ‘Black Site,’ Say Abuse Citywide

A Guardian investigation focuses on Homan Square, but defense attorneys question whether it’s unique. The Tribune follows up.

6. Derrick Rose Doesn’t Deserve This

Injuries have chipped away at “the fastest player anyone had ever seen.” But the passion for the game, and his community, remains. SB Nation reflects on his hard road.

7. How Gary, Indiana Got Serious About Blight

The city’s first step to ending it is to gather immense amounts of data on the problem. CityLab presents their numbers.

8. The Social Experiment Live: Chance the Rapper Proves His Band Thing or Whatever It Is Ain’t No Joke

What’s next for the biggest thing in Chicago hip-hop? Why not a full band? Noisey catches it in person.

9. Shorter Yellow Lights in Chicago Increase Chances of Tickets

Why are red-light cameras such a big issue in this year’s elections? Just look at the math. FiveThirtyEight has the formula.

10. CTU’s Jesse Sharkey Thinks Rahm Is Finished in Chicago

Despite the mayor’s lead, Karen Lewis’s interim replacement is calling it for Chuy. Chicago sits down with the new power broker.