1. Inside the Protest That Stopped the Trump Rally

It took a week of organizing and thousands of activists. Politico goes inside Friday’s action.

2. After 150 Years, the American Productivity Miracle Is Over

Or so says legendary Northwestern economist Robert Gordon. Quartz talks to him about his distressing new book.

3. Most Expensive Race in History ‘Not a Good Sign’ for Budget Woes

It’s a “political war for the state’s future.” But no matter the result, there might not be a winner. WBEZ analyzes the Dunkin-Stratton showdown.

4. A Miracle at 26th and California, Part 1

The Malachi Dads volunteers took on Cook County Jail’s worst cell block. The Sun-Times examines their work.

5. Connecting with the Ancients (Grains, That Is) at Hewn

An Evanston baker draws on academics and farmers to bring back tastes of the past. Fooditor profiles Ellen King.

6. Tracy Letts on His New Steppenwolf Play and Chicago’s “Talent Drain”

“I’m just sick of stories set in New York and Los Angeles. I get so bored with it.” Chicago sits down with the author of the new Mary Page Marlowe.

7. We Now Have Algorithms to Predict Police Misconduct

And the University of Chicago is at the vanguard of the new science. FiveThirtyEight delves into their work.

8. Mortal Thoughts

“Death self-competency,” and the interdisciplinary approach to bring it to patients. The University of Chicago Magazine faces the subject.

9. The Criminal-Justice Crusade of Kim Foxx

It begins in Cabrini-Green. Can it take her all the way to the state’s attorney’s office? The Reader tells her tale.

10. Lead Me Home

Tommy Dorsey found God in Chicago. Then he preached the language of the blues to its churches. The Oxford American remembers the man who invented modern gospel.