1. In Chicago Communities Ravaged by Gun Violence, Students Hope Parkland Movement Will Finally Bring Change

The Florida high schoolers are bringing attention to the debate, but local anti-violence activists have been on the front lines for years. The Tribune talks with them.

2. Why Tamika Mallory Won’t Condemn Farrakhan

The Women’s March co-chair is part of a long, complex, and painful history surrounding the infamous Chicagoan. The Atlantic explains.

3. Snapchatting Teens Are the New Food Influencers

Some of Chicago’s best restaurants are getting a flood of high schoolers, who are there as much to document the scene as enjoy the food. Chicago magazine tags along.

4. With More Than Half Its Tenants Burdened by Soaring Rents, Chicago Considers Rent Control

Families displaced by gentrification have a hard time replacing their old, inexpensive units. Is Chicago a good fit for the idea? Belt Magazine explores the proposals.

5. The Hair Queens of Chicago

Yvenetta Welch’s South Loop salon brings in women from all over Chicagoland for her short-hair skills and the familial atmosphere she creates. Vogue pays a visit.

6. Progressive Democrats: Madigan Offered Deal to Keep Power

Candidates who haven’t gotten on board with the powerful House Speaker say they’re paying for it in the primaries. They speak to Chicago Tonight.

7. A Dem Incumbent’s 2018 Struggle: The Trump-Emboldened Challenger from the Left

Dan Lipinski is in a fight for his seat with challenger Marie Newman. So why hasn’t he spent down his big campaign chest? Politico asks around.

8. A Muslim Fashion Blogger with a Fierce Message

Hoda Katebi is a 23-year-old Chicagoan who came to fame with her fashionable, political site. She’s got big plans from there. The New York Times takes a look.

9. Dynamic Chicago Principal Blazed Train on Integration

Robert Croston passed away last week at the age of 34. But the young Jenner Academy leader is leaving a big legacy. WBEZ tells his story.

10. Spectacular Images from Chicago’s Turn-of-the-Century Design Bible

‘The Inland Printer’ popularized Art Nouveau in America, and previewed the modernist wave to follow. Chicago magazine looks back.