Rod Blagojevich trial


It’s a deluge of words today in the trial of former governor Rod Blagojevich. Fortunately, our city’s reporters are there to cover the craziness so you don’t have to:

Rod Blagojevich is on the stand today, testifying about… shoeshines, Elvis, the LSATs, his NBA dreams, and… well, who knows what’s next.

Dyan Cannon! Why not, really. Anyway, @StacyStClair of the Trib, @natashakorecki of the Sun-Times, and freelancer Susan Berger (@msjournalist) are all providing blow-by-blow, or more accurately meander-by-meander, accounts of the ex-governor’s testimony epic oral history/autobiography. And they say storytelling is dead.

For further lulz, you can also follow the #Blagojevich tag.

They’re on a well-deserved break right now. Tune in on Twitter! We’ve only gotten to his law school days, so there should be much more of not much to come.


Photograph: Chicago Tribune