One of the big issues facing Mayor Emanuel, though it got lost a bit in the debate over schools, unions, and Jean-Claude Brizard, is the question of what he’ll do about TIFs—which, at the end of Daley’s tenure, were arguably his most controversial policy after the sale of the city’s parking meters. He’s starting to talk about it a bit, but his administration’s first practical step is to put some of the information about them in sortable, downloadable format (with the help of open-government data company Socrata, which has worked with the Obama administration and

You can check out the TIF projection reports and the TIF balance sheets on the city’s data portal. You can also follow the city’s Chief Technology Officer on Twitter at @ChicagoCTO.

Not to be left out, you can follow the state’s redistricting process via the Senate redistricting committee’s web site. You have to install Google Earth, but once you do, it’s pretty easy to use. Of course, it’s just a map; as usual, Capitol Fax will be a good place to get it translated into politics.