photo: John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune 

Nate Robinson, after sinking a three-point basket late in the fourth quarter in Miami on Monday night. 

The odds were certainly in the Heat's favor. They had home-court advantage. They had eight days of rest, while the Bulls only had two. And perhaps most importantly, they have one of the most stacked teams in NBA history.

This is a game that started off with Lebron receiving his MVP trophy, which makes the Bulls' 93-86 win against the Heat last night all the more impressive and surprising. Here are the best moments of last night, both on and off the court.


1) Joakim Noah, during the game and after.

Not many centers can emulate Noah's gritty fastbreak drive to the basket to put the Bulls up by one during the third quarter (as seen above at 1:45). But besides Noah playing his heart out as usual last night, in a commentary after the game he finally had the opportunity to shut down all the hate Rose has been getting for sitting out (we're guilty of it, too):

"If you tore your ACL and you have to be the starting point guard and have the expectations that Derrick has, then maybe you can judge, but everybody who hasn't been in that situation before should really shut up." 


 3) Nate Robinson getting nasty.


Nate being his resourceful self. Birdman had no chance. 

This game has put this 5'9 point guard in contention for most badass player in the NBA. Aside from his vicious speed, power, and ball-handling skills, who can forget this classic display of his awesome commitment?


3) Jimmy Butler Playing 144 Consecutive Minutes…and Killing It Anyway.

Photo: reddit

Jimmy Butler looking like a future All-Star. Even the ref looks amazed. 

Ridiculously inspirational background story aside, Jimmy Buckets has stepped up despite playing without rest for his third consecutive game. 21 Points, 14, rebounds, and 3 assists last night. Enough said.


4) Dwayne Wade's Desperate Pull-up 3 Approaching the Final Minute.

photo: Bleacher Report


It's hard to feel sorry for the guy who threw Harden's shoe off the court during the playoffs last year. 

It might be bad sportsmanship to highlight an opponent's mistakes, but it sure was sweet to watch Wade essentially throw away the game with an ill-advised 3-pointer attempt with barely a minute left to go. 


5) Luol Deng watching from the hospital.

photo: instagram

Feel better, Deng. 

With Deng out due to his unfortunate spinal tap, he wasn't able to cheer from the sidelines. But he was certainly there in spirit.