1. The Twilight of Freddy the Beard

The story of one of Chicago’s best pool players—and how the Internet killed the pool hustler. The Reader looks at a local legend and a vanishing scene.

2. Preschools Turn Medical Miracle

Research by a University of Chicago Nobel prize winner reveals that high-quality early-childhood education carries long-term health benefits. USA Today rounds up the evidence.

3. Advanced Analytics Are the Blackhawks’ Secret Formula for Success

Stan Bowman and his team are gathering reams of data on every game, and translating it to the ice. The Sun-Times gets the GM to open up (a bit) about his methods.

4. How Chicago Is Using Psychotherapy to Fight Crime—and Winning

Cognitive-behavioral practices inform the city’s work with at-risk youth, and the approach is spreading. Vox explains the benefits of the theraputic approach.

5. Mother Helps Change Wisconsin Intoxication Law

Wisconsin used to allow drunkenness to mitigate crimes, until one victim’s mother challenged the system. The Tribune reveals the state’s little-known “voluntary intoxication defense.”

6. The ‘Fountain of Youth’ at Schiller Woods?

Why are people lining up to use a water pump in a local forest preserve? WBEZ investigates a local mystery.

7. Humboldt Park’s Future As Seen By ‘Artistic’ Developer

For 14 years, he’s been enlivining one Chicago intersection, and now he’s got a star restaurant developer on board. DNAInfo talks with Gino Battaglia.

8. Housing Discrimination Was Perfected in Chicago

Many roads lead back to the city, which served as a lab for discriminatory practices in the 20th century. Chicago examines Chicago’s legal and economic legacy of segregation.

9. Heir Apparent at Berkshire Hathaway: Warren Buffett’s Eldest Son

The next chairman of the $300 billion company will be a 59-year-old farmer and volunteer deputy from central Illinois. The Wall Street Journal profiles Howard Buffett.

10. A Homeless Teen’s Second Act

How Chicago Public Schools (and Shakespeare) saved one of the subjects of The Homestretch, a new documentary from Kartemquin Films. The Chicago Reporter talks with Roque Sanchez, now a student at NEIU.