1. The Case for Reparations

Ta-Nehisi Coates examines centuries of discrimination, with a focus on Chicago’s intense segregation. The Atlantic goes long on the city’s housing history.

2. Tennis Takes Taylor Townsend from Englewood to Paris

An 18-year-old from the South Side is playing the French Open. Here’s how she got there. The Tribune profiles a developing star.

3. There’s a Hero Repairing Chicago’s Horrible Potholes with Mosaics

A local artist is using the city’s rough streets as his canvas. Gizmodo shows the wonderful work of Jim Bachor.

4. The Real-Life Hacking Behind Watch Dogs’ Virtual World

The new video game takes place in a lifelike Chicago, and its portrayal of hacking and “smart cities” is virtually lifelike as well. Engadget takes you inside the digital thriller.

5. Don’t Believe Everything You’ve Heard About Chicago’s Most ‘Dangerous’ Neighborhood

Rashana Baldwin, a journalist and lifelong resident, is on a mission to highlight what’s good about Englewood. The Huffington Post takes a tour through her eyes.

6. The Drug Warrior

Three decades of DEA work in Chicago means fighting the biggest drug peddlers in the world, from the Outfit to the Sinaloa Cartel. The Reader profiles Jack Riley.

7. Deceptive Numbers

A recent Chicago magazine piece questioned how Chicago police count crimes and report statistics. We’re not the only city with those issues. The Economist compares us with New York.

8. What Happens When You Cross Madigan

What matters to the speaker—and how legislators can get away with challenging him. Rich Miller analyzes the powerful Democrat’s methods.

9. Pussy Riot vs. Chicago

Understanding the Russian band’s project in the context of religion and politics. Chicago magazine presents a short history of iconoclasm.

10. Lessons for Chicago Schools from Finland and Mission Hill

The country has some of the best-performing schools in the world. An expert explains how they do it. Catalyst Chicago looks overseas for answers.