1. Convicted Murderer Hopes Latest Fire Science Proves Innocence

At 14 years old, he confessed to setting a fire in Brighton Park that killed two people. But he was also caught in a “forensic time warp.” The Tribune looks at the case of Adam Gray.

2. Were Chicago’s Public Schools Ever Good?

The city’s schools have been troubled for generations. And maybe they’re better than they’ve ever been. WBEZ weighs the evidence.

3. B.B. King’s Greatest Performance

“The three-song medley at the heart of his masterpiece may be the best 12 minutes of live musical performance ever recorded.” Slate makes the case.

4. Superdawg Founder Maurie Berman Dies at 89

The restaurant’s hot-dog statuary is legendary, but the drive-in was ahead of its time. The Sun-Times remembers.

5. How to Survive 24 Hours at O’Hare

The free yoga room, aeroponic garden, and Rick Bayless’s sandwich place might just keep you sane. Chicago gives it a shot.

6. Police Have Their Own ‘Bill of Rights,’ Raising Questions About Accountability

Under state law, cops have many more rights than the average citizen when under criminal investigation. The Chicago Reporter explains.

7. Grateful Dead Fans Replace VW Vans With Jets and the Ritz-Carlton

The average ticket price for the band’s last shows, this summer in Chicago, is $938. Now, their fans can afford it. The New York Times talks to some Deadheads.

8. A Eulogy for ‘If Only’: The Bulls As We Know Them Are Probably Done

Thibs is almost certainly gone. Derrick Rose’s contract is starting to feel like an albatross. At least we’ve got Jimmy Butler. Grantland looks into the team’s future.

9. The 16 Best Old-Man Bars in Chicago

They’re dimly lit. They’re wood-paneled. And you can still find them in the Loop. Chicagoist tracks down some institutions.

10. Roman Mars Explains the Genius of the Chicago Flag

The host of the popular design podcast ‘99% Invisible’ wants to make city flags across America look better, using the lessons of America’s finest design. Chicago is listening.