1. The Real Problem with Chicago’s Shrinking Population

It comes down to one issue: a staggering decline in the city’s black population. Chicago magazine runs the numbers.

2. When Chicago Cops Moonlight, No One Is Watching

The CPD is the only one of the 50 biggest departments to not require permission to get a second job. If something goes wrong, the city can be on the hook for lawsuits. The Chicago Reporter investigates.

3. What Happens to Lettuce Entertain You After Rich Melman?

The country’s biggest restaurant group is a local institution. After more than 40 years, his children are prepared to hit the ground running. Crain’s looks at its future.

4. Why Cook County Judge Quit After Just 142 Days

He says that, even for $192,000 a year, it wasn’t worth doing nothing in a dilapidated marriage court, aka “judge jail.” The Sun-Times talks with Richard Cooke.

5. An East Chicago Community Dissolves in the Fallout From a Decades-Long Lead Crisis

The West Calumet Housing Complex is contaminated, and many children who live there have elevated levels of lead in their blood. But 1,200 people moving, and breaking bonds, is its own challenge. The Reader visits.

6. Making Chicago’s Boystown

It’s not the first center for gay life in Chicago—but it’s the country’s first official gay neighborhood. And it grew up around the bars. WBEZ and Chicago Collections tell its story.

7. Mitch Trubisky Film Study Shows Why the Bears Drafted Him and Why He’s a Project

He’s the highest-drafted Bears QB since 1951. He’s skilled and careful, but his inexperience shows. The Athletic breaks it down.

8. Meet Chicago’s Next Great Chef. Will Anyone Try His Food?

Nick Dostal came up at two Michelin-starred restaurants (including Grace) before taking over the two-star Sixteen. Unfortunately, Trump Tower isn’t quite the destination it was a year or so ago. Fooditor samples his menu.

9. Journey to the West: Chinese Restaurants in Bridgeport

As Chinatown grows and spills out of its old boundaries, food is following—and finding a place to offer new cuisines. South Side Weekly gives a taste.

10. How Violence Cascades Through Chicago

One shooting can increase the risk of more, raising the danger for people in the social networks of gunshot victims. Chicago magazine explains.