1. Benny and Jorge and the Quest for Peace in Little Village

They grew up in the neighborhood, in gangs, on opposite sides. Now they’re trying to keep kids out, with small victories in between tragedies. The Tribune follows their work.

2. How to Get 3,000 Pounds of Beef Jerky from Reno to Seattle

Chicago is a thriving logistics hub. But… what’s logistics? Chicago magazine makes the connections.

3. Should Chicago Communities Have a Say in How Residents Are Punished for Crime?

A restorative-justice court is aiming to find out. The Atlantic and City Bureau introduce the idea.

4. The Laquan Effect

Did the shooting cause the subsequent rise in homicides—by increasing anger in the black community? WBEZ explores the question.

5. The Chicago Bears and a Mitchell Trubisky Mystery

The team shocked the NFL by giving up an enormous amount for an inexperienced college quarterback, but there are pros as well as cons. ESPN runs through them.

6. Even Being Seen with Gang Member Sends 1,000s to Jail

Cops are arresting parolees for being in the presence of gang members, and arrests for parole violations are up from 96 in one decade to almost 2,000 last year. The Sun-Times digs into the trend.

7. How to Get Your Beer into a Chicago Bar

The brewery scene is booming, which makes life more complicated for brewers and the bars that buy their craft. Fooditor observes the marketplace.

8. Jason Heyward Reinvents Himself Again

After a disastrous 2016 at the plate, he’s meditating and being more aggressive at the plate, and it’s working. Vice Sports checks in on his progress.

9. Goodbye Two-Flats, Goodbye Affordability

Small apartments tend to be the most affordable. But Chicago’s are getting old, and we’re not making new ones. Chicago magazine runs the numbers.

10. Making Sense of a Murder in Chicago

A young woman talks about her brother’s life, death, and the city. Jacobin Radio sits down with Chantel Johnson.