1. Hundreds of Illinois Prisoners Languish Behind Bars Waiting for Dorothy Brown to Do Her Job

A Chicago man challenging his imprisonment waited 16 months to get his court records. They came three days after a journalist started calling. The Reader reports on the problem.

2. Amid Affordable Housing Dispute, Conservatives Seek a Home in Chicago

And they’re targeting the northwest side. ProPublica Illinois investigates.

3. Meet You by the Lake

Chicago’s lakefront is a 26-mile-long stage for thousands of vignettes. One photographer captured some from 7500 South to 7700 North. Chicago magazine presents Lenny Gilmore’s work.

4. The Mysterious Loan Trump Made to Himself

Donald Trump received a loan from “Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC” for $50 million. Donald Trump owns Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC. What’s going on? David Farenthold of the Washington Post talks to ProPublica about the mystery.

5. From Boats to Barns, Midwest Salt Bed Could Shift Seafood Market Inland

Illinois is sitting on swaths of brine, which could lead to the farming of saltwater species in the state. The Trib explains how.

6. The Opioid Treatment Gap

State budget cuts have hurt the state’s safety net for uninsured users, but a $2 billion Medicaid experiment could help. Crain’s examines the plan.

7. Can 30,000 Cameras Help Solve Chicago’s Crime Problem?

Strategic Decision Support Centers monitor city streets in HD along with a flood of related information about gangs, cars, and residents. But even if it helps, will people think the tradeoff is worth it? The New York Times pays a visit.

8. The Fooditor Guide to Mexican Street Food on 26th Street

“The Mexican street par excellence in Chicago” is a commercial hub, and it’s got a dense street-food scene to match its sit-down restaurants. Fooditor takes a walk.

9. Chicago Promised That Closing Nearly 50 Schools Would Help Kids in 2013. A New Report Says It Didn’t.

Their math scores were down even four years later. The Washington Post digs into the numbers.

10. Meet Chicago’s First National Youth Poet Laureate

The Columbia College student, an alumnus of Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep and a Young Chicago Authors vet, has her first book coming out this fall. Chicago magazine sits down with Patricia Frazier.