1. ‘Ope!’: The All-Purpose Expression of Midwestern Politeness

Accidentally pull the push door? Ope. About to step into the street but see a car? Ope. Trying to flag down a waiter? Ope. Chicago magazine points out what’s on the tip of our tongue.

2. The Working Tapes of Studs Terkel

The legendary oral historian’s book Working, about people and their jobs, was an unlikely hit. So what did it sound like to make? The Kitchen Sisters get a listen.

3. Blue Light Special: The Chicago-Area High School in an Old Kmart

The 400-student Cristo Rey St. Martin, serving mostly low-income students in Waukegan, got a remarkable rebuild from a Chicago firm. CityLab pays a visit.

4. Song Exploder: Liz Phair, “Divorce Song”

25 years after Exile in Guyville, the singer-songwriter and producer Brad Wood revisit one of its best songs. Song Exploder breaks it down.

5. Cutting Court Interpreters Threatens Due Process Rights, Even Victim Safety, Union Says

There are only 88—28 full time—for more than 60,000 cases in Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Urdu, and more. And that number might get smaller. The Reader takes a look.

6. How a Former Heroin Addict Helps Others Avoid Overdosing

After several near-death experiences and losing his wife to the drug, Steve Kamenicky went to work for the Chicago Recovery Alliance. WBEZ talks to “Ponytail Steve.”

7. Chicago Begins to Rethink How Bankruptcy Lawyers Get Paid

They get paid first—which incentivizes them to take cases, but also makes it harder for their clients to get out of it. ProPublica Illinois investigates.

8. Andre Dawson Embraces Death in New Life Running Funeral Home: ‘It’s Not for the Weak’

The beloved Cub is celebrating a decade in the business. USA Today sits down with him.

9. Visible Darkness: The Shadowed Streets of Chicago—in Pictures

Photographer Clarissa Bonet starts with camera snapshots of street scenes, then vividly recreates them with models. The Guardian shows her work.

10. Peter Sagal

Words of wisdom on divorce, humor, and Stormy Daniels from the NPR favorite. Chicago magazine learns from the Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! host.