1. The Tools Chefs Use

Some of Chicago’s top kitchen maestros talk about the cookware that makes their restaurants run. Chicago magazine gets their recs.

2. The Star Treatment

Stories about R. Kelly have circled for years. Why didn’t the record industry do anything? The Washington Post investigates.

3. The First Family of Pinball

Mr. Pinball saved the game by overturning New York’s ban. Now his sons are keeping the flame alive. The Reader follows their passion.

4. Chicago’s South Side Finally Has an Adult Trauma Center Again

And one of its doctors grew up just south of it. The New Yorker talks to Abdullah Pratt about his journey there.

5. Whatever Happened to Chicago Pols with Authentic Chicago Accents?

A lot has changed from the Daley years to Rahm’s regime, including how they sound. Belt Magazine listens in.

6. Less Than Life

Courts are starting to show leniency to former juvenile offenders who have received life sentences. It’s harder to find in Illinois. Injustice Watch sits down with 11 such Illinois inmates.

7. Solitary Confinement of Juveniles on the Rise in Cook County

The form of punishment has declined across the country, but has risen in Chicago. The Chicago Reporter explores why.

8. DHS Flounders

Its expensive new enrollment system has kicked more than 150,000 people off Medicaid in the state. The Daily Line tallies the problems.

9. Zenash Beyene Would Like to Thank You, America

She emigrated from a Sudanese refugee camp in 1981. Now the Ethiopian Jewish chef has been running an Edgewater restaurant for almost two decades. Fooditor talks to the owner of Ras Dashen.

10. What’s the Big Idea?

New Chicago startups have launched healthier Lunchables, juicy tomatoes year-round, and a 3D-printed heart might be on the way. Chicago magazine profiles the city’s innovators.