On November 5, the Illinois House passed a bill legalizing gay marriage, becoming the 15th state in America to recognize same-sex marriage. 

The bill passed after almost a year of debate in the legislature (the state senate passed the original bill, SB10, on Valentine's Day of this year). During the final debate, state representative Sara Feigenholtz read a letter from a constituent that received a sustained round of applause from the audience.

It was from a young girl, around the age of 10, who had been in the foster care system until her two dads "saved" her. The girl wrote to state legislators to urge them to vote for marriage equality.

Representative Feigenholtz's office sent over the letter, which appears transcribed and as an original image below:

Why my dads should be married!!!

Love is inportant! It dosent mater who people love as long as there happy. Every one should be able to marry who they want to. You may not like it but to them its normel.

My two dads should be able to marry and have the same rights as everybody. How would you feel if you couldent marry someone just because the govermant said you wern't alaud to. If I loved someone and wasent alawd to marry them Ide be pritty upset. My family taught me that even if you don't agree with someone, you should still be kind and respectful. The govermant should to. Also my cherch tells me that you should treat uther people you want to be treated.

My dads are vary uniqe we do lots of silly things like drink hot coco every time it snows. Every summer we go to the same place in Florida with one of my dad's hole family. Are family knows how to have fun. We do lots of road trips. Also we have gone on crusis. I realy injoy traviling with my dads…whell enywhere with my dads are fun. One of my faverit things to do with my family is game night. I LOVE this family and every single thing we do as a family. 

Befor I lived with my two dads my life was horible. My old family never treated me well. They wouldent stand up for me. If my foster sister fough with me my old mom would just sit there and watch me get hurt so I would have to fight back. Each time I was at a foster homes they promised me they'd treat me and my brother equily. They always broke there promis. I left 5 times untill I found my two dads. They also promised that they would ceap me safe and equle. Now im 10 and they still cep there promises. They do so much for me they never hurt me or my brother. I feel so safe. I believe I can do enything with my two dads.

The letter concludes: "Will you let my dad’s be married?” There are two hand drawn boxes—one for yes and one for no.

Here's a scan of the child's original letter.