A dopey “How Many States Have You Visited?” quiz has been bouncing around my Facebook feed this week and it got me thinking: Why isn't there a dopey quiz like this for Chicago?

So in the spirit of “Be the dopiness you want to see in the world,” I made a little quiz for you. Use the map below to count how many neighborhoods you've been to, then share your results on Twitter or Facebook.

For these purposes we're using the boundaries of Chicago’s official 77 community areas.

What does it mean to “be” in a neighborhood? Good question, Hamlet. If you take the Eisenhower out to Oak Park, have you “been to” Austin and West Garfield Park? If you take the Orange Line to Midway (the terminals of which are largely in Garfield Ridge), have you also “been to” to New City and West Elsdon on the way?

I suggest you count a neighborhood if you have literally set foot in it. You've gotten out of your car or off the train. You’ve taken at least one deep breath of fresh air and had at least the minimal of experiences there.

Myself, I count 47 that I've been to. Can you beat that?

Your Neighborhood Scorecard

You’ve been to 0 of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods.