1. More Than Police Bullets Killed Laquan McDonald

The 17-year-old was a ward of the state, had twice been removed from his home by DCFS, and was allegedly molested in foster homes. But he was in school, working, and on track before his death. The Sun-Times profiles his short life.

2. Gliniewicz’s Final Hours As He Staged His “Hero” Cop Death

How the Fox Lake officer carefully, and for a time successfully, fooled his department. The Daily Herald retraces his steps.

3. Steve Kerr Q&A: 2015–2016 Warriors vs. 1995–96 Bulls

He played with Michael Jordan on one of the best NBA teams ever; now he’s coaching one. So who’s better? ESPN asks Kerr the hard questions.

4. What’s in a Vowel? In Search of the Disappearing Short-A Rising

Where did the “Midwestern” accent come from…and why is it vanishing? Belt Magazine listens in.

5. When Do CTA Buses Break Even?

It takes a lot—at an average fare of $1, the break-even point is 132 riders in an hour. WBEZ runs the numbers.

6. Chicago’s Speed Cameras Are a Mess. Is There a Better Way?

If saving kids is the point, we should look to the Dutch for ideas. Chicago magazine explains.

7. How Chicago Tried to Cover Up a Police Execution

An officer has been charged with murder in the shooting of Laquan McDonald. It was a long time coming. The Chicago Reporter goes through the timeline.

8. How MacArthur Geniuses Handle Their Money Windfall

The Chicago-based foundation gives $625,000 to recipients of its “Genius Grants.” What happens next? The New York Times asks them.

9. Amid Growing Youth Violence in Chicago, One Woman Offers a Safety Net

Kids Off the Block began when a woman in Roseland just started inviting kids into her house. NPR profiles Diane Latiker.

10. How Mike Reed Turned His Encounter with Neo-Nazis into Flesh and Bone

The jazz drummer and his band ended up in the middle of a riot in the Czech Republic. Now he’s using music to explore the experience, and himself. Chicago previews his work.