1. Holy Cow, Home Alone is 25!

An oral history of the highest-grossing live-action comedy ever made. Chicago magazine talks to the people behind it.

2. Tyshawn Lee’s Killing Leaves Children Feeling All the More Vulnerable

About 50 children under the age of 15 have been shot in Chicago this year. The Tribune shows how kids in the city navigate the violence.

3. Complaints Against Chicago Cops Published After 20-Year Saga

It began with Jamie Kalven’s first-hand observations of policing around Stateway Gardens in the 1990s. WBEZ goes back to where it began with Kalven.

4. How Investigators Determined Gliniewicz Killed Himself

For weeks they approached the Fox Lake cop’s death as a homicide. But something was missing. The Daily Herald goes through the process.

5. The Chicago Bulls Commit to a New Philosophy, But at What Cost?

The Bulls found success with a difficult, workmanlike style. Can they find more through more balance (and more fun)? Vice Sports previews Fred Hoiberg’s tenure.

6. Meet Architect Jeffrey Sommers, Chicago’s Prefab Evangelist

He wants to build a house like an iPhone. But will the city let him? Curbed breaks down the process.

7. Child Care Crisis Turning Motherhood into Humiliation, Mom of Triplets Says

Cuts to state-subsidized child care mean her family now makes $300 per year too much for the program. DNAInfo gets her story.

8. How High-Art Institutions Are Making a Grab at Millennials

They’re not just changing the programming—they’re bringing down the price. Chicago magazine explains their strategies.

9. Turning Pritzker Pavilion into a Second Kind of Art

A sound artist is celebrating a forgotten “sonambient sculpture” in Millennium Park. The Reader previews Olivia Block’s “Sonambient Pavilion.”

10. Watch How Chicago Gets Flooded with Thousands of Crime Guns

Last year, more than half the guns seized in Chicago came from outside Illinois. The Trace maps their flow.