1. Chicagoans of the Year

Combat doctors, a parking fairy, a painter—and, of course, the Cubs—headline the picks. Chicago magazine recognizes some of our finest locals.

2. Police Shooting Exposes Racial Tensions in Mostly White Mount Greenwood

Protests brought tensions to the fore that have simmered for decades. The Tribune visits the far southwest-side neighborhood.

3. Historic Marktown Almost 100, But Future Uncertain

The “improbable English village” in the shadow of BP’s Whiting refinery could soon be consumed by it. The Times of Northwest Indiana looks at its future.

4. Get Out of Jail Free? Sheriff Proposes Scrapping Cash-Bond System

Tom Dart wants to let judges decide based on an investigation, to keep low-level defendants out (and violent criminals with the money to make bail in). But it’s a big uphill battle. The Sun-Times explains.

5. Dem Spin Aside, Rauner Won This Round Against Madigan

The GOP ran against the House Speaker. And it worked. Rich Miller makes the case in Crain’s.

6. The Swinging Times of Chicago’s Revolving Doors

If you hadn’t noticed, we really do have a lot of them—because they solve a number of architectural problems at once. WBEZ demonstrates.

7. Arne Duncan Pushes Employment to Counter Chicago’s Violence

The former Secretary of Education thinks that $14/hr jobs can get young men to put down the guns. WBUR talks with him and a participant in his new program.

8. Restoring a Badass Chicago Pizza Oven at ORD Pizzeria

The heart of the restaurant is an elaborate old Chicago-made device that’s a link to the earliest days of American pizza. Fooditor looks inside the Faulds oven.

9. Could Chicago’s Floating Cycle Path Defy the Doubters and Reconnect the City?

It might sound farfetched, but other cities have already pulled it off. The Guardian evaluates the idea.

10. I Finally Sold Beer for a World Championship Team

And it paid off handsomely. A 13-year vendor veteran gives the view from the stands in Chicago magazine.