1. Homan Square Revealed: How Chicago Police “Disappeared” 7,000 People

“That place was and is a scary place. It comes from a Bond movie or something.” The Guardian continues its investigation of the site.

2. It’s Good to Be Jimmy Butler

He’s best friends with Mark Wahlberg, owner of a huge new contract… and the shared face of the Bulls. Chicago magazine visits with the emerging star.

3. After 70 Years, Manny’s Is Finally Becoming a Delicatessen

It’s not a deli until it sells meat by the pound. And that’s the legendary Chicago restaurant’s strategy for the future. Fooditor breaks the news.

4. The Tale of the Onion King

How one man took control of 98 percent of America’s onions—and flooded the Chicago River with them. Planet Money tells his story.

5. Martese Johnson, the UVA Student Assaulted by Officers Last Spring, Speaks Out

The Chicago native made it from the South Side to “sanctuary” at the elite school, but the feeling didn’t last long. He writes about the incident for Vanity Fair.

6. Chicagoans’ Cost to Exit Swap Agreements Approaches $300 Million

Or about the cost of 2,000 police officers. Bloomberg Business breaks it down.

7. Noble Maps Out Massive Charter School Expansion, Feds Support It

The city’s biggest charter network, with 10 percent of the city’s high school students, is likely to get even bigger. WBEZ charts its future.

8. The Cubs’ Collapse of 1969: An Oral History

Leo Durocher drove them hard—did he drive them to the point of collapse? The Tribune gathers their memories.

9. What Is Midwestern Cuisine?

Start with the hot dog. After that, it gets complicated. The Reader tries to pin it down.

10. How Bad Is It to Actually Work in the Thompson Center?

If Rauner gets rid of it, employees won’t be too upset. Chicago magazine reads its rites.