1. Code of Silence

A four-part series details how two Chicago police officers uncovered a massive criminal enterprise within the department—and then were hung out to dry. The Intercept drops a bomb.

2. Finding Home at the Corner Bar in Chicago

Welcome to Chicago, where choosing a local hangout is serious business. Imbibe peruses the options.

3. When Private Security Patrols Public Streets

A Gold Coast man says he’s spending $70,000 for a private cop in his neighborhood. But what happens when more Chicagoans do the same? Chicago looks into the growing trend.

4. These Cubs Find Every Which Way to Beat You

“We’re not your typical best team in baseball,” catcher David Ross said. He’s right. ESPN will pick you up after a late-inning nightmare yesterday.

5. The Goldberg Variation: High-Rise Public Housing that Works

The first tenants moved in 50 years ago, and the community is still thriving today. The Chicago Reader finds out what went right.

6. One Gun’s Journey—42 Bullets Fired, 2 Killed, 5 Wounded

From the time it was stolen from a South Shore home, to its many sightings as it passes between the hands of gang members. The Tribune traces its steps.

7. Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Charnley House

Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan are the architects of record for the 125-year-old Gold Coast house. But Wright laid claim to it after Sullivan died. Chicago Patterns dives into the mystery.

8. A Timeline of CPS, CTU Conflicts

The city narrowly avoided a teachers’ strike last night. How did we get here? WBEZ lays it out.

9. Chicago’s Next Great Map Could Be of Its Underground

A city that prides itself on an orderly grid will get a much-needed view into the mess of wires and pipes below the surface. Chicago starts digging.

10. Donald Trump Gets 70 Percent Tax Cut for Vacant Trump Tower Storefront

Landlords get tax cuts for vacant stores—landlords including the proud non-taxpayer Donald Trump. DNAinfo checks the records.