Can a pumpkin tell the future?


Javy-o-lantern! Eamus Catuli!

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Bowmanville’s Stacey Shintani has carved a pumpkin with a World Series player each year since 2004. With the exception of 2013’s Yadier-o-Lantern—to honor the Cardinals’ Yadier Molina—that player has gone on to win the championship. Here’s hoping this year’s selection of Javy Baez foretells good things for the Cubs.

You can’t go wrong with a basic W.


Go Cubs!!!! #FlyTheW

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But if you’re ambitious, pay tribute to Cubs great Ernie Banks, like this pumpkin spotted at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Or this amazing rendering of Harry Caray. Holy cow!

Painting feels like cheating, but this Maddon-o-Lantern is pretty great.