Chicago is a city of landmarks: skyscrapers, cathedrals, museums. They’re easy to identify by sight, but do you know exactly where they are? Here are 20 addresses. Name the well-known Chicago institutions to which they belong (scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers).

1. 121 N. LaSalle St. Answer

2. 233 S. Wacker Dr. Answer

3. 1901 W. Madison St. Answer

4. 735 N. State St. Answer

5. 5301–5355 N. Sheridan Road Answer

6. 600 N. Clark St. Answer

7. 5800 N. Ravenswood Ave. Answer

8. 5757 S. Woodlawn Ave. Answer

9. 6760 S. Stony Island Ave. Answer

10. 1060 W. Addison St. Answer

11. 430 N. Michigan Ave., Lower Level Answer

12. 3536 S. Lowe Ave. Answer

13. 2156 N. Tripp Ave. Answer

14. 1 S. State St. Answer

15. 1555 N. State Pkwy. Answer

16. 4228 N. Hermitage Ave. Answer

17. 1354 W. Wabansia Ave. Answer

18. 6363 N. Milwaukee Ave. Answer

19. 1300 S. DuSable Lake Shore Drive Answer

20. 10000 W. O’Hare Ave. Answer


1. City Hall

2. Willis (or Sears) Tower

3. United Center

4. Holy Name Cathedral

5. Edgewater Beach Hotel

6. The fast-food restaurant formerly known as Rock N Roll McDonald’s

7. Rosehill Cemetery

8. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House

9. Stony Island Arts Bank

10. Wrigley Field. Also, the address on Elwood Blues’s driver’s license.

11. The original Billy Goat Tavern

12. Home of former mayor Richard J. Daley. Currently occupied by former Ald. Patrick Daley Thompson.

13. Birthplace of Walt Disney

14. Target. Also, where you’ll find the State Street Preacher.

15. Archbishop of Chicago’s mansion, although the humble Cardinal Blase Cupich lives in a dormitory at Holy Name Cathedral.

16. Rahm Emanuel’s house, which his mayoral opponents said was not his residence while he worked as White House chief of staff.

17. The Hideout

18. Superdawg

19. Adler Planetarium

20. O’Hare Airport, obviously.