When we looked back at images of Bears' quarterback Jay Cutler getting sacked over the years, we tried to be optimistic. There's a new coach, with a new offensive strategy—the Trestman Plan! We had such high hopes.

But despite the Bears' reloaded O-line and three almost impressive wins under their belt, poor Jay Cutler is still getting sacked.

Yesterday’s high-stakes matchup against the now 3-1 Detroit Lions saw the as-yet undefeated Bears make a variety of mistakes, a significant number of which stemmed from Cutler's reunion with old, 307-pound friend Ndamukong Suh. Cutler was sacked three times during yesterday's 40-32 loss—twice by Suh—one of which resulted in a fumble recovered by Lions' DT Nick Fairley for a four-yard touchdown. Add in Cutler's three interceptions (two of which resulted in Lions scores), plus the Bears' defense allowing 260 yards, 17 first downs, and 30 points by halftime, and it was a hard game to win.

It wasn't all bad though. Cutler threw for two touchdowns in the fourth quarter (each with a two-point conversion) and brought the score up from 37-16 (an evisceration) to 40-32 (okay on paper!). And with the undefeated New Orleans Saints visiting Soldier Field this weekend, you can bet Marc Trestman has already begun whipping his head guy back into safety-slamming shape.

So, you know, guys, let's keep Cutler on his feet, please. We'd love to be done with this:


photo: niccio dinuzzo, chicago tribune