Logos, a player's name and number, five diamond Stanley Cups—that's 93 grams of ring right there.

The Chicago Blackhawks were presented with their 2013 Stanley Cup Champion rings over the weekend. As you might expect, the champs went for the biggest and brightest option. The ring, comprised of diamonds, rubies, and 14 karat gold, weighs 93 grams and is valued at about $30,000.

The front of the ring features the Indian head logo resting on a circle of red rubies, which is surrounded by the words “Stanley Cup Champions.” On one side of the ring, five diamond Stanley Cup renderings, representing Chicago’s five championship seasons, sit under the year “2013.” On the other side, the players’ name, number and the Blackhawks secondary logo—a “C” with crossing tomahawks—rest on a black background. And, essentially, every inch of remaining ring real estate is covered in diamonds.

Championship rings are not a "less is more" type of accessory, but the spectacular nature—or, perhaps, gaudiness—of the jewelry is what you might expect. Just look at the way they've slowly gotten louder, bigger, bolder, and bling-ier over the past 50 years.

But it makes some sense. The Stanley Cup, after all, is given away each year and rarely kept by the same team. A champ needs a personal memento to commemorate the achievement. What better way than .2 pounds of finger trophy?