1. For North Lawndale Family, Nabisco Jobs Were a Ladder to a Better Life

One of the world’s largest industrial bakeries is at 73rd and Kedzie, and it’s employed generations of Chicagoans. The Chicago Reporter traces one baker’s experience.

2. Preventing Crime for Pennies on the Dollar

Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches kids to think slow, and could be a cost-effective way of keeping them from committing crimes. Freakonomics goes inside the University of Chicago Crime Lab.

3. Aunt Jemima Found After Nearly 100 Years

Nancy Green was born into slavery in 1834, worked as a maid in Chicago, was a founding member of Bronzeville’s Olivet Baptist Church, and sold the pancake mix at the Columbian Exposition. The Los Angeles Sentinel talks with the Chicagoan who found her grave.

4. Hoax Hunter: I Bust People Who Fake Illnesses Online

A Chicago futures trader has an unusual hobby. Taryn Green tells her story for Fusion.

5. The Most In-Demand Amenities for New Buyers in Chicago

Flexible spaces, smart tech, and first-floor master suites highlight the new family architecture. Chicago magazine looks at changes in how we live.

6. Inside the Duggars’ Deep Ties with a Once-Powerful, Now-Scorned Ministry

The troubled reality-star family is connected to an obscure but influential organization founded in Oak Brook. Talking Points Memo delves into their history.

7. The Achievement of ‘Young Men and Fire’

The author of A River Runs Through It, University of Chicago prof Norman Maclean, struggled to complete his final, nonfiction masterpiece. His editor goes behind the scenes for the Los Angeles Review of Books.

8. The Design of the Wrigley Scoreboard: Revolutionary, Retro, or Both?

The old board is famous in the sport, but how does it rank as information technology? WBEZ gives it its due.

9. Why Teller Added Magic Tricks to ‘The Tempest’

“There are hints in Shakespeare’s text that he would have done the show this way.” The quiet half of Penn & Teller sits down with Chicago to talk about his new adaptation.

10. Meet the Group of African-American Organizers Building Black Support for Bernie Sanders

The candidate is surging, but struggling with black voters. What do these Chicagoans seen in him? In These Times finds out.