1. Who Gets to Play Tennis?

The XS Tennis Village on the city’s South Side is an attempt to diversify the game. The New York Times goes inside.

2. Phantoms Playing Double Dutch

The Dyett hunger strike is bigger than one high school. Seven Scribes puts it in context.

3. Aaron Schock’s Former Advisor Details the Congressman’s Downfall—And His Own

“I thought the Instagram account was getting out of control.” Chicago magazine talks with Ben Cole.

4. Mystery Boat: Alone and Idle in a Waterlogged Corner of Chicago

Why has a 620-foot ship been docked for years on the Calumet River? WBEZ follows its wake.

5. Grim Prospects for Inmates Who Traveled on Bus to Freedom Months Ago

About half of inmates released from Illinois prisons come back within three years. What happens in the meantime? The Tribune speaks with ex-ex-cons.

6. Chicago Developers Are Pushing Back Against Affordable Housing Rules

And if they succeed, it could have repercussions for affordable-housing laws across the country. CityLab has an update.

7. Forget It, L.A., It’s Jake

For all the attention given to Kris Bryant and Jon Lester, the Cubs’ most valuable player has been their number-two starter. Grantland dives deep into his success.

8. Chicago Area Sets Record for Most Tornadoes in a Year in 2015

Two big outbreaks put the region on the way to 29 for the year. The Weather Channel explains.

9. What Americans Really Think of McDonald’s

They don’t like it… but they sure do go a lot. Crain’s conducts an exclusive survey.

10. What Second City Lost in the Fire

6,000 to 7,000 square feet, plus a lot of memorabilia. Chicago finds out.