Today the allegations against Patrick Kane took some surreal turns—the attorney for the alleged victim held a press conference in which he announced that the evidence bag for the rape kit had been left at the home of the alleged victim's mother. A couple hours later, the commissioner of police services in Erie County said they still had all the evidence in its original packaging.

In the meantime, Kane's attorney gave his own press conference. In a surreal aside in a surreal day, lots of people noticed that the attorney, Paul Cambria, had a Hustler 40th-anniversary mug prominently displayed in his office.

No matter what one might think of Larry Flynt's notorious publication, it seemed like the kind of thing you'd find in Saul Goodman's office, not that of a lawyer hired by a wealthy superstar to represent him in a case of immense gravity.

(It's worth noting here that this is not the first time Kane has hired Cambria. The Buffalo lawyer represented the NHL player back in 2009 when Kane pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.)

Actually, the mug was the one thing that made sense all day. People keep the accoutrements of their work in their offices, usually. And Paul Cambria has worked as a lawyer for Larry Flynt since the 1970s, and is such a prominent lawyer in the porn industry he has a list of verboten sex acts, to be avoided because of their potential for obscenity charges, named after him.

Cambria's most famous for his First Amendment work in the porn industry, but it's not all he does. He represented DMX after the rapper was busted outside of Buffalo, where Cambria's law firm is based in part, and he's represented Marilyn Manson on more than one occasion, such as a lawsuit over an alleged attack and in a First Amendment case when New Jersey tried to prevent the then-controversial musician from performing. (The next time Chief Keef's hologram runs into trouble, Cambria would actually be a logical choice.)

Anyway, a mug isn't the biggest Hustler schwag Cambria has put on display—that would be a 1994 Pontiac Firebird drag car, driven by Cambria, prominently sponsored by Hustler TV.