1. Indispensable Guide to Chicago’s Fall Culture Offerings

Lin-Manuel Miranda explains to the next Hamilton the intricacies of the role (bathroom breaks!), Joe Swanberg talks about his new Netflix series, and more. Chicago magazine previews the season.

2. Why Do Tourists Visit Ancient Ruins Everywhere Except the United States?

Cahokia, in downstate Illinois, is one of the world’s great archeological finds and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So why doesn’t anyone know or care about it? Priceonomics explains.

3. Why Isn’t Chicago’s Violence Crisis Treated Like Suburban Heroin Addiction?

While programs to treat the crisis outside Chicago expand, the ones to treat the crisis within the city fall victim to budget cuts. The Tribune makes the case.

4. Chicago Paleta Man’s Story Inspires Nation, $150k Raised to Help His Family

89-year-old Fidencio Sanchez has made about $60 a day for the past 23 years. A man who’d never met him wanted to help him retire. Now thousands of people do. DNAInfo tells their story.

5. House Republicans Who Favor Immigration Overhaul Face Potential Losses

11 percent of Bob Dold’s north-shore district is Latino. He won his last election by a mere 5,000 votes. And he’s got tough decisions to make. The New York Times looks at the national issue through the lens of his district.

6. The Painters Who Give Chicago’s Grocery Signs the Human Touch

Why do corner stores rely on hand-painted signs? They can actually be cheaper, for starters. WBEZ visits a sign-painter.

7. Aldermen Back TIF Reform—But Not in Their Wards

40 of Chicago’s 50 aldermen support returning “surplus” tax-increment money to the city’s coffers. But how many are actually going to vote for it? Mark Brown says there’s reason to be skeptical in the Sun-Times.

8. Residents of a Bridgeport SRO Are Told They Have Until the End of the Day to Get Out

It’s dark and dank, but it’s home, and a support network, for Bridgeport’s “black sheep.” Where can they go from here? The Reader spends some time at 3022 S. Archer.

9. How to Write an Anti-Bike Commentary—Without the Nuisance of Actual Thought

It’s easy! Make yours now before the machines do. Chicago magazine lays out the template.

10. Animale Is Offal (and Awfully Good)

“Italian” food in America usually means Sicilian, Tuscan, and Sardinian. Now the adventurous Logan Square food scene is getting funky meats from the country’s Piedmont region. Fooditor talks with the co-owners of the new restaurant.