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I love the look of vintage, but lack the patience for digging through a junk-filled thrift shop. That’s why I love Lenny & Me Home, the décor outpost of Lenny & Me... Read more
When a Northfield couple recruited Ben White, a designer with the Evanston-based firm Benvenuti and Stein (benvenutiandstein.com), to transform their utilitarian master bath into something more luxurious, they chose the right guy. A 730-square-foot second-floor addition allowed White to do away with the room’s choppy L-shaped layout and expand its footprint. Read more
Yesterday, the Dearborn Garden Association hosted its 52nd annual Dearborn Garden Walk. I braved the July heat to take the self-guided walking tour, which allowed access to some 20 blissfully shady Gold Coast gardens, seven of which were outfitted with vignettes inspired by celluloid hits... Read more
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During all of June, I.D. will devote the bulk of its space to the wares of design-world darling Design House Stockholm, a Swedish manufacturer known for tapping Scandinavia’s hottest contemporary designers (they’ve got some 60 on their roster already) to turn out home decor and apparel. Read more