While we wish we could have crawled through Chicago's pubs forever for our 100 Best Bars issue, at a certain point we had to call it quits and actually write the whole thing. The problem? Going to press means we couldn't include the spots opening now in the city. Here is what we're most curious about for the next time we tackle the best bars of Chicago. Read more
Fall is typically Chicago culture's golden season, but this one gleams platinum. We're welcoming a Broadway-bound musical, an art blockbuster, first-class concerts, and the final installment of a razor-sharp literary trilogy—plus new plays, dances, movies, and more, from a crop of turbocharged Chicagoans. Read more
Seen Monday night at the Hungry Brain: a bare ass, a life-size Arnold Schwarzenegger puppet, and a video montage set to Drowning Pool's "Bodies" (in which "let the bodies hit the floor" loops endlessly). These elements were all part of Totally Recalled, a comedy show performed by Odds N’ Friends... Read more