Asked why Chicago needs another steak house, Prime & Provisions co-founder David Rekshon replies, "That's the million-dollar question."

Rekhson, Lucas Stoioff, and the rest of the crew at DineAmic Group—the owners of Bull & Bear, Siena Tavern, and Public House—plan to open their 12,000-square-foot steak house, Prime & Provisions (222 N. LaSalle St., no phone yet), in early 2015, on the Loop side of the river from steak-house-marbled River North.

Rekhson promises good river views and a high-energy cocktail scene in the 250-seat space. He also offered a few details about Prime & Provisions that could add up to a seven-figure answer:

  • More seasonal ingredients in the menu. The cuisine will derive from the classic steakhouse, but import the sensibilities of DineAmic’s other restaurants, Rekhson says. “We will be working with a lot of local purveyors and farms,” he says, “sourcing from more niche sources.”
  • Proximity to the Loop. Although River North has a herd of steak houses, the Loop doesn’t. “A lot of people who are doing business are looking for lunch and dinner,” Rekhson says.
  • Dry-aging in-house. Most steak-house steaks in Chicago are wet-aged, a process dry-aging fans say produces a mushier, less-focused (although juicier) steak. Dry-aging in-house takes space and precision, so many restaurants that serve dry-aged steak buy it from a supplier who does the aging.
  • Steak tastes good. “It’s not a coincidence that [Chicago] has so many steak houses,” Rekhson says. “We have access to some of the best meat in the world.”