Replay! Headquarters Beercade in Lake View has been so successful with its combination of pinball machines, vintage arcade games, and craft beer, that the owners plan to open a Luigi on August 28, near the Chicago Brown Line stop: Headquarters Beercade River North (213 W. Institute Pl., 773-665-5660).

Invading a space with a kitchen, the new one will serve food (just not right away—the kitchen won't open until September 4). “We’ve already realized in the existing HQ how much food is brought in,” says Mark Kwiatkowski, a partner. “There is a demand for it, so why not take advantage of that?” Offerings will range from snacks such as house-made beef jerky to mains such as Salisbury steak made with grass-fed beef and Berkshire pork. Chef Chris Coker, a veteran of the W Hotels and Takashi, runs the kitchen.

As at the first Headquarters, the beer list will cover only craft beer, and at the new one, the craftier, the better. “We go a step further here,” Kwiatkowski says. “Most of it is on the esoteric side.” For example, he says they will stock limited-release beers from gypsy brewers, beer-makers who use the excess capacity of other breweries for small-batch, one-off quaffs.

Great to have food with the games now. Watching Ms. Pac-Man chomping all those dots was making us hungry.