Tovala, which launched earlier this year, is a Chicago-based start-up that aims to combine meal delivery with new technology. 

Its prepped dinners are cooked in the Tovala oven—which looks sort of like a microwave, but bakes, broils, and steams the food until it’s ready to eat. There’s also room for more tech-savvy home cooks to program their own dishes through an app on their phone. The oven retails for $399, and a week-long subscription service for 3 meals costs $36.

We tried out a couple of Tovala’s own meals (ratatouille pasta, and chicken with rice), and brought along a few of our favorite microwaveable foods to see if the oven could hold its own. (Exploding marshmallows, anyone?)

For the most part, the oven did well—the start-up’s own dishes were delicious—with a few snags here and there… maybe keep your microwave for now, at least for making popcorn.