Dillman’s (354 W. Hubbard St.), Brendan Sodikoff’s Jewish deli, will have its second coming. In what Sodikoff calls “just a few months,” he plans to reopen Dillman’s in the same space it occupied when it closed, on the corner next to its sister restaurant Cocello.

Originally called Dillman’s Delicatessen, Dillman’s lost the “delicatessen” half of its name when the retro irony of calling a sit-down modernized Jewish-food restaurant a deli was too hard to interpret. Now the new Dillman’s will actually swing more toward a deli, with a smaller menu focusing on pastrami, chicken liver, soups, and smoked fish, and counter service fueling a healthy portion of to-go orders. “Some people will kick and scream and others will love it,” Sodikoff says.

It will operate during daytime hours only, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. We're glad to see Dillman’s back—we loved the place, and not only because it reminded one of us of childhood food. Not to get all schmaltzy on you or anything.