Brendan Sodikoff and company are back at it, announcing plans to open 3 Greens Market (354 W. Hubbard St., River North) this month. The multi-concept food emporium is basically an agglomeration of Hogsalt Hospitality’s greatest hits, plus a sure-to-be-epic salad bar. Here, the man himself gives us a pre-opening verbal tour.

With two ill-fated restaurants (Dillman’s and Cocello) previously in the same space, this location has been a bit tragic for you. Is the third concept the charm?

I think I’d been trying to put concepts in there that were good, but I didn’t have my eyes open to what the neighborhood wanted. It’s not a very intimate corner, and it’s really a daytime space. [Ed note: 3 Greens will be open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.] I was trying a little too hard [to make it an evening destination]. I guess it’s my nature. I like the challenge of trying to make it work.

So will this be comparable in setup to, say, a Foodlife or a mini Eataly?

It looks pretty comical, really. You walk in and on the right-hand side is a very comfortable, colorful, eclectic coffee shop and bakery. We are doing the same breads we do at Bavette’s, plus some cookies and muffins, also from the Bavette’s baker. The coffee shop is in line with our other concepts, C.C. Fern’s and Sawada. We have some wonderful baristas.

On the left side is a really large cold salad bar. Some pristine beautiful raw vegetables, cooked grains, and prepared salads like quinoa with marinated kale. On the other side is hot food. You can choose what you want and pay by the pound at the register. Behind the register is a Small Cheval burger shack, where you order the burger [Ed. note: Yes, THE burger!] or Dillman’s pastrami—either as a sandwich or breadless—from a counter, then grab them from a pickup window.

Oh, and there’s also cold food to grab and go. Jell-O salad and things like that. You could eat healthy if that’s what you want, or you could eat very indulgently. We are swinging at everything.

Booze included?

Yes. Mostly batched and bottled cocktails made in-house. It’s not a heavy drinking place, though. The focus is the wonderful food, and providing the ability to choose between so many restaurant quality items. We’re turning the idea of a restaurant into the grab-and-go format.

Indeed you are.

It’s a bit of a food circus, and I love it. You’ll find Chinese noodles next to mashed potatoes next to roast chicken next to curried chickpeas. I just wanted to create a space where I could get something I love at any hour of the day. I thought if I felt that way, so did a lot of other people. It’s super-fun and super-ridiculous and a total departure from anything we’ve done.