As a former South Looper, I still get excited whenever a restaurant opens in that once-food-barren neighborhood. So when I heard that Harbor was opening in the old Gioco space, I definitely paid attention. The restaurant has wood-fired pizza (including a New Haven–style clam pizza), a raw bar, and, since it’s Great Lakes–inspired, lake trout and walleye.

P.F. Chang is (sorta) no more. The very last Chicago location, on Wabash, closes this week. Is it a sign that the era of not-actually-Chinese Chinese food is nearing its end? Probably wishful thinking: P.F. Chang’s To Go opens at 213 W. Hubbard St. starting in February.

As a rule, I don’t call out many Chicago mag pieces in these morsels, but this is a must-read. Maggie Hennessy profiled Kikkō chef Mariya Russell, the first black woman in history to earn a Michelin Star. It’s an inspiring read. Here’s to Mariya, and to the Chicago food world’s more diverse future. 

Gibson’s Restaurant Group has teamed up with celebrity chef José Andrés to open a new spot in what will be Chicago’s tallest office tower. Like Gibson’s Italia, it’ll be right on the river at the base of the huge building. No word yet on cuisine or chef, but it’ll open late in 2020.

The day pot was legalized in Illinois, the first person I wanted to talk to was Mindy Segal, who has been creating edibles for years. One expects her to blow up as the gourmet edible industry continues to grow. Sadly, I didn’t get to talking to her (as I was nursing my NYE hangover), but Adam Lukach at the Trib did. Segal talks about her products and her process in an extensive interview