Mandy Calara, the founder of the frozen-yogurt chain Forever Yogurt, sees opportunity in spaces vacated by the likes of HomeMade Pizza Co. But while yogurt may be forever, expansion of a frozen-yogurt business is not: “There’s a lot of saturation in the frozen-yogurt market already,” he says.

On July 24, he launches the first of a new chain, with Bee & Tea (1843 W. North Ave., Wicker Park, 312-878-7597), a boba and bao place. Boba, the Taiwanese milk tea drink sometimes called bubble tea, can be ordered in 30 different flavors, with up to three mixed together. Bao, the Chinese filled buns common at dim sum, will come in nine different flavors, with the scratch-made fillings also available in rice bowls.

Maher Chebaro, the executive chef of Falafill, helped with the menu for Bee & Tea in exchange for help with franchising for Falafill. The bao fillings include chorizo and cheese and Nutella banana split (covered with frozen yogurt, naturally).

We’re very fond of the name Bee & Tea. It reminds us of our own dream project, Pea & Queue, a vegetable stand with a very long line.