Dominique Tougne, the moi in Lincoln Park’s Chez Moi, will also start offering his food at the new La Banque Hotel, an 18-room boutique guesthouse scheduled to open in an old bank in downtown Homewood. At the hotel’s 90-seat restaurant, La Voûte Bistro and Bar (2034 Ridge Rd., Homewood, no phone yet), Tougne plans to serve French-inspired bistro standards, à la Chez Moi but diverging as the new restaurant grows.

The menus will overlap on bistro classics, such as onion soup, braised lamb shank, steak frites, and roast chicken. As for the similarity of other menu items, “there will be an evolution, and they will be two different restaurants,” Tougne says. From the bank theme—La Voûte means “the vault”—he conceived of a dessert called the Gold Bar, a cake covered with gold powder and gold leaf.

Because Chez Moi is closed at lunch and La Voûte is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Tougne says he will spend the late mornings and early afternoons at La Voûte, and then return chez Chez Moi for dinner, leaving La Voûte in the hands and spatulas of his once and future colleague Thomas Donnelly, with whom he worked at Bistro 110.

Preparations are running on schedule for a mid-June opening. Bank on it.