The last day of Hot Doug's officially begins when the doors to Doug Sohn's Avondale hot dog joint open at 10:30 a.m. But it unofficially began Thursday at 5:00 p.m., when the first nine people (well, eight people, one corgi), started the last of the infamous long lines along Roscoe Street. 

First people in line at Hot Doug's
From left: Joshua Helle, Max Simmons, Marek Rossi, Dandelo (the corgi), Jen LeMasters, Nick Mayor, Dave Burke, Allison Sundstrom, Ron Kohudic. Photo: Max Herman

Joshua Helle, 37, Uptown

Roofing Supply
HIS BATHROOM PLAN FOR WHEN THE NEARBY MCDONALD'S CLOSES: Perhaps the bucket he’s standing next to.
ESSENTIAL ITEM: A 10×10 canopy.
FUN FACT: With four other people, once ate the entire Hot Doug’s menu in one sitting

Max Simmons, 25, Uptown

How he got out of work: Took off Thursday and Friday
Essential item: Chair to mark his place at the front of the line.
Fun fact: His boss supports his taking off work to camp outside Hot Doug’s.

Marek Rossi, 43, Uptown

Roofing Supply
How he's spending the hours in line: I have Dogfight. The history of Apple and Android and Google. 
Essential item: His camera, to take pictures when it’s dark.
Fun fact: His wife will make him sleep on the couch if he orders the Uber Garlic Sausage.

Jen Lemasters, 28, Logan Square

Co-owner, Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles
How she got out of work: As owners, she and Mayor (below) don’t have to lie to take off work.
Essential item: Scattergories and Yahtzee.
Fun fact: Hasn’t thought about what she’ll order.

Nick Mayor, 28, Logan Square

Co-owner, Bric-a-Brac Records and Collectibles
How he got out of work: They own the joint.
Essential item: A cot, which he’ll have to share with Jen.
Fun fact: Has the Tamale Guy’s phone number in his pocket.

Dandelo, 5, Logan Square

Full-time corgi
Essential item: Plenty of food; anticipation of frequent walks from Mayor and Lemasters.
Fun fact: Will not be dining at Hot Doug’s.

Dave Burke, 27, Albany Park

Retail Technologies
How he got out of work: He would rather not say.
Essential item: Power supply.
Fun fact: Estimates he’s spent over a day of his life in Hot Doug’s line this week.

Allison Sundstrom, 27, Wicker Park

Freelance Designer
How she got out of work: That's the best part of working freelance.
Essential item: Car. Might go home once her fiancé arrives in line.
Fun fact: Was a vegetarian for seven years, until she went to Doug’s.

Ron Kohudic, 43, Logan Square

How he got out of work: Took a personal day, and proud of it.
Essential item: His wife, who is bringing tacos.
Fun fact: Claims there is no dollar amount for which he’d sell his spot.