This week in blasts from the not-so-distant past, chef Ryan Poli returns to Chicago with three pop-up dinners October 1, 2, and 3 at Logan Square brunch spot Jam (3057 W. Logan Blvd., Logan Square)—and he’s bringing with him a menu culled from two years traveling the globe.

Lauded for his work at Butter, Perennial, Little Market Brasserie, and, most recently, Tavernita, Poli left Chicago at the height of his career in November 2013. “I wanted to be re-inspired by food and reconnect with food,” says the 38-year-old chef of his departure. “[But] halfway through, it [became] about me becoming a better person—learning about myself and other people.” Poli’s not sure if he's staying in Chicago—but he can promise three six-course meals showcasing flavors and techniques from various corners of the world.

His $107 dinners (tickets here) will include courses such as bucatini with cured citrus, with a $44 alcohol component by Lost Lake’s Erin Hayes. Dessert, also by Poli, will be a chocolate cremeux with kombu oil, and if you’re hoping for reprise from Poli, you best bring your grin. “If we are really having fun, I’ll maybe do it again,” says the chef. “A couple of times.”