Want a hot cheese fountain at your wedding? If the answer is yes, say no more (also, please invite me). Last week, Portillo’s announced a nuptial catering package, which, in addition to a spring of flowing queso, includes a spread of hot dogs, onion rings, and even Italian beef sandwiches.

This got us thinking: Which other iconic Chicago restaurants could set the theme for your wedding?


Can you imagine a three-tiered stuffed pizza instead of a wedding cake, with a webby cheese pull so long you could jump rope with it? You might even save money on a DJ, since nobody’s going to want to dance with pounds of cheese and dough in their stomach.


Fried chicken is a fantastic wedding food, especially when served buffet style. Roll out the white tablecloths and blast your guests with mild sauce–filled Super Soakers — no one’s ordering sauce on the side at your wedding.


If you’ve got the budget of the newly-single Jeff Bezos, you might just be able to coax Alinea into catering. For dessert, how about a taffy helium balloon station, manned by Chef Grant Achatz himself? Plus, when everyone toasts you, they’ll sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Tamale Guy

Half the excitement of the Tamale Guy is never knowing when he’ll show up. After hours on the dance floor powered by the belligerent rocket fuel known as an open bar, imagine seeing him gloriously bust through the banquet hall doors, Coleman coolers in tow. Just tip the venue staff well — they’re going to discover corn husks hidden in places for weeks after your wedding.