Saen Mullix for Sable Kitchen & Bar

New England lobster rolls at Sable

With half and full portions available for most items, Heather Terhune’s menu is fresh and playful, if slightly mind-boggling. Many of her creations—buttermilk fried chicken and waffles, deviled eggs spiked with truffle oil—are dangerously indulgent, so it’s smart to dabble in small sizes.

The best dishes reside in the menu’s “Between Bread” section, which boasts seriously savory sliders (lamb with minted yogurt, root-beer-glazed short rib, lobster roll). Finish with the cute deconstructed s’more.

You may not be fond of the River North restaurant’s cramped, awkward setup, but after a few of mixologist Mike Ryan’s cocktails, you’ll get over it.

Dishes We Liked: deviled eggs ($5, $8), bacon jam ($13), New England lobster roll ($15, $28), mini wild mushroom veggie burgers ($7, $12), shrimp and grits ($13, $24), s’more ($9).

Sable Kitchen & Bar, 505 N. State Street, Chicago IL.

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