In 2005, Christophe David came to Chicago. His wife had died, and he was raising their young son on his own. Hyatt relocated him here to serve as the executive chef at NoMI (Park Hyatt Chicago, 800 N. Michigan Ave.; 312-239-4030).

Later that year, David reconnected with a woman he knew from Switzerland. Two years ago, she moved here to be with him and taught at Kendall College.

Recently she has found a new position at a hospitality management school in Lausanne, Switzerland, and David has given notice at NoMI. “After she followed me, now I’m going to follow her,” he says. “It’s a good opportunity for her. It will get me back to my family. My parents are in Lyon, [France]. I’m sure I will find a job. Tough decision. Still, I need a break, too.” His last day at NoMI is August 14th.