Photo: courtesy dmk burger bar. 

The #1 burger from DMK Burger Bar (pictured above) will be available at Soldier Field this season. 

The mainstreaming of foodie-ism means that for sports fans, eating concessions no longer has to mean making concessions. Adding another option to Soldier Field’s food offerings, beginning this Bears season, is DMK Burger Bar.

“We secured a contract for the next 10 years,” says David Morton, the D and the M in the DMK monogram. (The M and the K is Michael Kornick. Don’t think too hard about that M.) “We had just a few weeks to pull it together, which has been interesting.”

From DMK Burger Bar’s numerical menu at its Lake View and Lombard locations, the Soldier Field branch will offer the #1 (grass-fed beef patty, aged cheddar, smoked bacon, charred balsamic red onions, and barbecue sauce) and the #8 (grass-fed beef patty, iceberg lettuce, tomato, raw onion, bread & butter pickles, mayonnaise, and choice of cheese).

The restaurant's menu currently goes to #15, but Soldier Field will also buck the incrementalism and also offer the #27, the Hall of Fame burger, numbered after the Bears’ total of Hall of Famers. The first in a seasonlong series of Bears-related burgers, the #27 consists of the grass-fed patty topped with pulled pork and North Carolina–style barbecue sauce from County Barbecue (1352 W. Taylor St., 312-929-2528), another restaurant on the DMK team. Patrons at Lake View and Lombard can order the #27 on Bears game days.

We look forward to seeing what other Bears burgers they come up with. As a tie-in, we suggest they put Jay Cutler’s name on the sack.