Photo: james gray

This chocolate cake doughnut with salted peanut gelato will be available on August 29th. 

On August 29, for one day only, both locations of Black Dog Gelato (859 N. Damen Ave. and 1955 W. Belmont Ave., both 773-235-3116) will split Glazed and Infused doughnuts horizontally, stuff a scoop of gelato inside, and sell doughnut–ice cream sandwiches in four flavors:

• Lemon doughnut, blueberry gelato ($6)

• Chocolate cake doughnut, salted peanut gelato ($6)

• Terry’s Toffee yeast doughnut, milk stout gelato ($6)

• Apple fritter, vanilla bean gelato ($8)

The decadent sandwiches will only be available at Black Dog Gelato's locations. Those who are extra-excited about this idea can pre-order by e-mailing or calling either Black Dog or Glazed and Infused.

As you can see from the picture, these things are big, so take a page from Black Dog and Glazed and Infused and bring a friend.